Our Mission

We want to increase access to nutrition in our communities. To achieve this, we must increase the amount of total arable land devoted to organic farming and gardening in our communities. To do this, we can utilize arable land in residential homes for small scale organic farming projects. We encourage everyone to grow nutritious herbs and veggies in their back yards, front yards, side yards, and parkways. We also encourage you to harvest and store your own heirloom seeds, or participate in community seed banks.

FooDIY promotes increased utilization of residential and commercial spaces for small-scale organic farming. We host community teach-ins for homeowners and guerilla gardeners to learn about organic and container gardening, as well as local zoning laws affecting their ability to grow. We also sponsor a community heirloom seed bank, and  allow homeowners to volunteer their yards and parkways, so that we can grow fruits, veggies, herbs, and seeds—this produce is donated to local food banks, and the seeds are stored for the benefit of the community.