We want to help facilitate the implementation of parkway gardening in our cities and neighborhoods.  Parkway gardening allows us to utilize arable land that would otherwise host grass, in a convenient manner to produce nutritious herbs and produce within our neighborhoods. As of now, laws vary among counties as to whether you can legally plant parkway gardens without a permit. These permits can cost, in the case of the City of Los Angeles - whose City Council recently voted to legalize permit-less parkway garden with certain height and safety requirements – upwards of $400. We hope to see more cities throughout California follow this example and legalize parkway gardening for residents. 

Granted, every city is unique, and each city and town in California has its own respective subset of characteristics and needs. While parkway gardening may not be proper in every community, it may be very beneficial to yours!  We invite community organizers throughout California to evaluate the needs of their respective communities to see if parkway gardening would be substantially beneficial. 


1. Circulate a petition among your city residents. We invite you to visit our Petitions Page and use the pre-drafted FooDIY petition for your city. 

2. Reach out to us. FooDIY will gladly devote our resources to assist you in achieving parkway gardens in your community. We can help you present your proposal to your local City Council. 

3. Talk to your City Council members about what a possible citizens’ initiative for allowing parkway gardening would look like. We can assist you in drafting a citizens' initiative proposal.  

4. Present your petition and/or citizens’ initiative to the City Council during a town council meeting.  We can help mobilize a coalition of people to attend. 

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